Our work begins when the ordinary public recruitment service does not work.

We are able to find exceptional specialists across a broad range of business sectors: administration, finance, sales, marketing , IT, logistics, communication, human resources, and business management.

Our company is focused on proactive senior and middle management recruitment, headhunting and helping private and public sector organisations find the top executive talent and specialists in Lithuania and internationally.

We provide headhunting services. This means that we do not recruit potential candidates publicly; each candidate is approached individually. This particular method of recruitment is especially beneficial in those cases when public recruitment does not provide desirable results due to the fact that many talented specialists do not search for jobs themselves – their job finds them.

Every search is planned and conducted according to the specific needs and demands of our client. We adapt to your wishes, requests and desires while conducting our research according to the position required and by applying the most suitable methods of direct proactive recruitment.

Ethics and confidentiality is of crucial importance to us. Potential candidates are only selected following reliable recommendations. We also provide a guarantee of quality for all our successfully implemented recruitment projects.