We provide recruitment service in the local market and abroad, searching for new colleagues willing to work in Lithuania.

We are the ones you need if you seek for competent top managers or skilled professionals in Lithuania.

We offer proactive executive recruitment and headhunting to companies from Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and other countries. We provide a professional recruitment service that searches for talented specialists not only from Lithuania, but also abroad. In addition, we provide an executive recruitment service to international companies seeking personnel with exceptional skill-sets in Lithuania.

Headhunting is a way of recruiting new people without public announcement and through which all potential candidates are discreetly approached in person.

When there are no managers or employees with the required experience or qualifications, the market experiences a shortage that results in increased competitiveness among companies. In this case we offer the possibility to search for possible candidates in other countries. We not only identify and recruit managers of all levels and the highest calibre specialists, but we also take care of the necessary recruitment formalities in Lithuania.

Lithuanian senior and middle managers and highly qualified specialists can add value to international companies; with this in mind, we can help find the most suitable candidates in Lithuania and arrange their recruitment procedures in any other country.

Through our skill in headhunting, we will find you exceptional and outstanding candidates from such spheres as business management, marketing, logistics, e-commerce, IT or professionals having valuable experience in company pre-sale preparation and willing to implement this experience in other companies as well and make them interested in your offer.